First Tesla Solar Roof has been installed on Kaua‘i

Sean Ahearn

Rising Sun Solar finalized the project that included Hawai‘i’s first Tesla roof this past summer. Having received the receipt of approval from the county, they finally announced the completion of the project, located in Princeville. The Tesla Solar roof resembles shingles, unlike familiar solar panels. The cost of Tesla’s roofing is close to the cost of a solar panel system mounted on a new cedar-shake roof. In addition, solar roofs qualify for tax credits and reduce utility bills by cutting grid use, whereas conventional roofs do not. 

Although Tesla is not the only designer of solar roofing, it is by far the biggest, according to Rising Sun. They have contracted 11 Tesla roofs on Kaua‘i since the completion of its first in February. They are also building Tesla roofs on Maui and the Big Island. Rising Sun Solar has said that a 15-kilowatt Tesla roof with two batteries, installed on an average 4,500 square-foot roof carries an estimated gross cost of $326,331. The cost of a Tesla’s roof is close to the cost of a solar panel system mounted on a new cedar-shake roof. Considering that the state's goal is to achieve 100% clean energy by 2045 and you might just be needing a new roof in the next few years, consider this super energy-efficient & very clean-looking option. To find out more, go to Rising Sun Solar

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