Hawaii predicted to have an average 2021 hurricane season

Hawaii could see anywhere from 2 to 5 tropical cyclones during the hurricane season which runs from June 1st through November 30th. The Central Pacific Hurricane Center’s forecast defines tropical cyclones as either tropical depressions, tropical storms, or hurricanes that either form or move into the Central Pacific which covers the Hawaiian Islands. It’s important to note that the forecast includes a very large area of the Central Pacific that spans over 5 million square miles. Tropical cyclones may enter the Central Pacific but may not affect any populated areas. The forecast does not equate to how many systems will impact the much smaller Hawaiian Islands, which have a land area of just under 11-thousand square miles. Despite Hawaii’s small size, there is a long history of cyclones that have impacted the state–either directly or indirectly. Regardless of the forecast for 2021, NOAA officials urge residents to be prepared with a two-week supply of essentials for survival. A link to what is needed in your disaster preparedness kit can be found on the Kauai Hurricane Preparedness Page.
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