Hawaii Tourism Numbers Creeping Toward Record 2019 Levels

Sean Ahearn

The February 2022 figures show that visitor numbers and expenditures are up and inching their way to 2019 levels, the year the state experienced record visitor numbers.

The pandemic drastically impacted the number of travelers to the state. The 2019 figures remain a better gage toward monitoring full economic recovery than any figure pulled from the pandemic time period. The state’s Safe Travels Program ended March 26, it's been said that the return of international travel is a big reason why the upward trend continues. The international market reopening is also why economic experts expect Hawai‘i’s economy to increase 3.4% in 2022, despite high inflation.

It's stated that Kaua‘i had 88,428 visitors with visitor spending $149.3 million in February 2022, compared to:
7,349 visitors spending $29.7 million in February 2021
110,478 visitors spending $168.6 million in February 2020
104,445 visitors spending $152.8 million in February 2019.

Hawaii visitor spending was close to $1.3 billion in February 2022. Hawai‘i is expected to continue seeing this forward momentum, especially into spring and summer, due to the arrival of Japanese visitors and other international markets.


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