Introducing Compass Concierge


What is Compass Concierge?

Compass Concierge is a program designed to help your clients sell their home faster and for the best possible price. Provided by our lending partner Notable, this program allows Compass clients to apply for an interest-free loan, with no upfront costs or hidden fees! Agents can help clients to come up with a refresh plan, to identify the items that will successfully prepare their home for the market! Funds are due when the home sells, or at the first applicable milestone. Why did Compass create the Concierge program?

Many sellers face the same issue: their money is tied up in their home, and therefore they are not able to make any upgrades to the property, or they do not want to have to liquidate funds to cover these costs. Solving this common seller need gives Compass agents a true advantage over the competition. We are the only brokerage to be able to offer this program on a national scale.
How does this benefit Compass?

Compass does not profit off of running the program beyond, providing it is in the best interests of clients, helping agents win more listings and hopefully sell homes for higher prices and in less time, resulting in increased value for clients and augmented commissions. How it works:
  • Clients and agents decide on a home refresh plan, identify budget requirements, and sign an Exclusive Listing Agreement.
  • Clients apply through our partner Notable, to request the desired amount to cover these services.
  • Funds are advanced directly to sellers via the Concierge debit card, and sellers can begin to engage vendors.
  • Costs are collected at the sale of the property*or other applicable milestone.
53% - The percentage of sellers’ agents who say staging decreases a property’s time on the market

4x - The potential return of every $100 you invest in staging your home

54% - The percentage of homebuyers willing to pay more for hardwood floors

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