Kauai Community College Ranked #1 in Hawaii, #21 in the Nation

Kauai Community College received some great news last week when a personal finance website, Wallethub, dubbed it the number 1 community college in the state of Hawaii. The same report recognized Kauai Community College as a very impressively ranked number 21 community college in the nation, out of 710 total colleges examined. 

Researchers performing the analysis of the community colleges are said to have examined multiple factors including cost and financing, career outcomes, and education. Kauai Community College received a cost and financing score of 198, a career outcome score of 171, and an educational outcome score of 45.

Needless to say, representatives at Kauai Community College were very happy with the results of the report. "we truly believe that this is a fantastic destination both as a financial and educational decision," said Helen Cox, chancellor of Kauai Community College.

State Technical College of Missouri was the number 1 ranked college, according to the study.

Read the complete Pacific Business News article, here:
Kauai Community College Ranked Best Community College in Hawaii, Analysis Says


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