Kauai County 2020 Flood Map Update

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has announced that is updating Kauai County’s flood maps in 2020. These updates maps will identify the latest flood hazards, evaluate flood risks, and be a data source for property owners and Kauai-based organizations and County Agencies alike.

They are in the final stages of assessments and are open to appeal until February 12th, 2020.

FEMA works with the County of Kauai to collect new information that may have an effect on requirements for insurance and new construction. As our environment, especially these days is dynamic with changes happening it seems with a higher degree of frequency, due to weather, ocean activity, new development, etc. its important that they be continually monitored and updated as needed. This is all part of a country-wide effort to address new evolving potential hazards as flood risks affect most of the nation to one degree or another. Flooding apparently is the most common weather-related disaster we all face.

In speaking directly with Kauai County Floodplain Director, Stanford Iwamoto (808.241.4896 / [email protected]) he indicated that the areas on Kauai that are under consideration are Hanapepe, Waimea and Moloa'a. He directed us to the Flood Hazard Assessment Tool (found HERE) which is a great resource that we as Realtors utilize constantly.

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