Kauai Institutes “Blackboard Connect” - A New Emergency Notification Service

The National Weather Service (NWS) is modifying its wireless alert warnings system. As of January 2020, the NWS is categorizing warnings into three-levels: base, considerable and catastrophic. With this change, base-level alerts will no longer be sent by the NWS, only considerable and catastrophic alerts.
Due to this change, Kauai’s Emergency Management Agency (KEMA) is urging Kauai’s residents and visitors alike to join Blackboard Connect, KEMA’s all-level (base, considerable and catastrophic) notification service.

Base level includes all flash flood warnings, considerable is a severe event or urgent action is required and catastrophic indicates life threatening or excessive floodwaters conditions.

The NWS will now notify you via the wireless emergency alert system if there is imminent considerable or catastrophic activity only.

The public Emergency Alert System will continue to transmit to all media for all threat-levels.

Elton Ushio is the KEMA Administrator (808.241.1800 / [email protected]) who indicated that the County of Kauai will continue to transmit alerts for all threat levels via Blackboard Connect for those who sign-up for the free service. More information can be found here (KEMA) including the sign-up for Blackboard Connect (BBC Portal).

Please let us know if you’d like us to provide further information, we’re here to help. We both signed up for Blackboard Connect and it’s relatively straightforward – there is also the option to receive “outreach” messaging.
Jim Karlovsky & Sean Ahearn
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