Kauai Rental Cars Booked Up Till Early August

Travel websites are currently showing all of the rental cars on Kauai are sold out from now until early August of 2021. Rental cars in August are starting at $150 to $300 a day, depending on how early it is booked.
If you’re planning on coming to Kauai, it’s recommended that you secure your car rental first before making airline reservations to make sure there are cars available for your specific travel time. Giving yourself flexible travel dates and different pick-up locations when searching may also help increase your options. Kauai car rental companies could be facing this car rental shortage for the remainder of the year, so even if you aren’t planning on coming in the next few months, it’s recommended you book your car rental before anything else, just to secure your transportation on Island. Here are some alternative options for car rental on Kauai:
Turo Car Sharing Marketplace
Costco Travel Rental Cars
Discount Hawaii Car Rental
It’s been said that about 70% of rental cars had to be sent back to their mainland warehouse because they were getting charged per day for each car. Thus are currently operating on about 30% or roughly 200 cars on their lot and are expecting to receive close to 100 cars back from the mainland by next week. Other car rental companies statewide were sitting on cars all pandemic, paying tons of money to store them. Some rental car companies couldn’t afford to keep the cars on their lot and so they had to send the cars back to the mainland. When inter-island started opening up, the other islands had to catch up on the demand. Since Kauai opened up last, they are still dealing with inventory backlog and high demand. Another key contributor to the challenge right now is the global chip shortage, which has impacted new vehicle availability across the industry at a time when demand is already high.

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