Kauai's North Shore Charter School Moving Forward

Jim Karlovsky

The Hawai‘i State Public Charter School Commission has granted conditional approval for the Namahana School in Kilauea. This is great news for the North Shore community who has been waiting for many years to get a Middle and High School approved. Currently, all children in the region must travel to Kapaa Middle School or beyond to access public education following elementary school.

It's stated that this new charter school will provide a highly innovative new approach to education and students will be grounded in place, community and culture, plus be able to design their own personal learning journeys with an emphasis on solving real world problems for Kaua‘i and beyond.

This would not be possible without the generosity of the Porter Foundation and the hard work by KNSCF initiative who secured a 99yr land license for eight acres at the Wai Koa plantation from the Porter's. Plus raised more than $3 million for preliminary costs associated with the development of the charter school since 2015.

If all goes as planned, Namahana School plans to welcome its first seven and eight grade students in the fall of 2025. They will then incorporate a new grade each year until it reaches its target capacity of 360 students in grades 7 through 12.

The Namahana Education Foundation, an independent nonprofit organization dedicated solely to supporting Namahana School will be spearheading the fundraising efforts and will be organizing public community events to share the progress of the school, including a timeline of the next steps and opportunities for community involvement. For more info got to Namahana Foundation


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