More Hawaii Residents are Buying Electric Vehicles

Jim Karlovsky

Hawai'i EV Sales Are Up 30.6%, according to the energy trend reports from Hawai'i's Department of Business, Economic Development & Tourism. It's cheaper per mile than gas-powered vehicles and electricity as a fuel is less expensive than gas. Besides the financial benefits of driving an EV, though the sales price is generally higher than equivalent gas-powered vehicles, they also require way less maintenance.

With Hawai‘i's electricity rates are the highest in the nation, if you compare an EV to a gas vehicle, EVs are cheaper on a dollar per mile basis. The emissions from gas-powered cars contribute significantly to atmospheric carbon dioxide and to climate change. Electric vehicles can help reduce that problem. There’s no tailpipes so there are no tailpipe emissions. That means cleaner air and better public health benefits.

Hawaiian Electric has stated that they are are progressing towards 100% clean energy by 2045. In 2020 they had about 35% of electricity generated from renewable energy sources. Many EVs are powered by electricity from the grid, and the grid itself is still largely powered by fossil fuels, but EVs are three or four times more efficient at converting that same fossil-fuel energy to power than gas cars, according to the federal Department of Transportation. Every year, the Hawai‘i grid’s power gets cleaner.


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