Hideaways Access Project Moves Forward

Sean Ahearn

Public access of the trail to Hideaways Beach is on the way to officially being conveyed to the Kaua‘i County Council. The Open Spaces Commission recommended authorization of up to $1.5 million to purchase the easement to the trail, as well as to make it safer and more accessible for the public to access the beach.

Residents have expressed how important the trail and beach access is to our local community and some have also expressed their interest in taking stewardship of the trail. There was also an emphasized on the need to improve the closest public parking access to the trail and beach, which only has nine public parking spaces available, is always full and many times overflowing onto the street.

After hearing the resident's complaints, the Kaua‘i County commissioners agreed and voted unanimously to send the recommendation request onward to the county council for its approval. A set of cost estimates for the improvement of the trail ranging from $50K to $1.5M was examined by the commission, they ultimately deciding to recommend $1.5 million in funding. Hoping that the cost will go down as the project is set in motion. There have been some discussions regarding the different types of materials that could be used to renovate the trail and both the committee members as well as residents have come to agree on their preference to use a more natural solution. To see our past blog on this subject click here


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